Week Three

Raddir (ft. South Iceland Chamber Choir)

Selvogur / 1,500 / 63.8499966, -21.3666652

A small, wooden, stave church, known as the ‘Church of Sailors’, sits in an empty and solitude landscape, with views of the ocean from a lonely beach. Hilmar and Georg, father and son, conductor and composer, gather here with a choir made up of people from the local area. Together with Ólafur and the South Iceland Chamber Choir, they will produce the third Island Songs composition.

Collaborator / Hilmar Örn Agnarsson & Georg Kári Hilmarsson

Hilmar: Conductor & Georg: Composer

The different sound each instrument possesses tells a story, evokes emotion and each plays a part to create a whole picture. Stories can be abstract but through music we can create a clear image in the listener's imagination. The musician feeds into this narrative as we're always giving the audience a part of our lives, our story, we are completely vulnerable.


Synthar: Ólafur Arnalds, Choir: Kammerkór Suðurlands, Violin: Sólveig Vaka Eyþórsdóttir, Violin: Laufey Jensdóttir, Viola: Karl Pestka, Cello: Hallgrímur Jónas Jensson


Director: Baldvin Z, Director of photography: Jóhann Máni Jóhannsson, AC Focuspuller: Snorri Fairweather, Sound recorder: Benedikt Árnason, Lighting: Viktor Davíð Jóhannsson, Sound engeineer: Arnþór Örlygsson, Recording Assistant: Þórarinn Guðnason, Production Coordinator: Sólveig Ásta Sigurðardóttir, Transcriber: Snorri Hallgrímsson


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